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I’m John Quentin and I’m a writer. Welcome to my website!

I write topical, provocative, informed and informative fiction that takes deep dives into some of the biggest scientific, moral, ethical and environmental issues of our time. It’s not fantasy but it is fantastic; it’s not science fiction as you might think of it, it’s fiction with science that might just make you think a bit.

I know that my work is not ‘just like’ anybody else’s. If you know that you’re somebody who’s not ‘just like everybody else’ then you and I both know that you deserve something different, something special, something unique – not more of the same. That’s why I write what I write the way I write it.

My first book, Fourth World Man, is a 21st Century Frankenstein. It’s a human resurrection story but like no other before because it’s a Neanderthal resurrection story. Fourth World Man is the human resurrection story and it’s the Neanderthal resurrection story. No time-travel, no survivor pockets, no parallel universes or alternative realities, just hard, proven scientific principles that blur the boundary between fiction and reality. My second book, Ex Libris, is a contemporary classic that deserves to stand alongside the greats of the dystopian genre. In an era where reading is no longer the sole source of accumulated wisdom, and where reading no longer means just books, Ex Libris dares to question how important books are to civilisation. If books are no longer sacred, how sacred are sacred books? How extreme might the response be if extreme measures are taken to get rid of them? My third book, The Galathea Legacy, is the first in a series that captures the environmental spirit and concerns of our time. It explores how well-intentioned efforts to remediate the environmental damage being wreaked on the world by plastic waste could result in infinitely more harm being done. At its heart is a programme to clean up the oceans that could see them being cleaned out. This is an issue that’s not been explored deeply for decades until The Galathea Legacy explored it deeper than it’s ever been explored before. My fourth book The Vernadsky Ultimatum, sequel to The Galathea Legacy, addresses the vexed issue of carbon dioxide capture and sequestration and how this might be a panacea or it may be lead to environmental pandemonium. It asks the big awkward question: do nothing and suffer the consequences or do something whose consequences could cause even more suffering. By drawing on the thoughts of Vladimir Vernadsky, it reminds us that the issue is not new and nor are the warnings we have chosen, so far, to ignore.

I write for pleasure: not just mine but my readers’ pleasure – your pleasure. I’m always pleased when your reviews and comments say: ‘…loved it, would love to see a sequel, can’t wait to see the movie...’ Sequels I can do something about (As you can see, I’ve started and there will be a sequel to The Vernadsky Ultimatum). Movies are, unfortunately, out of my hands.  But when I write, I have these two things in mind. Knowing that you were intrigued, informed, challenged, provoked, shocked, excited—whatever you were—and that you would like to see the characters again is a great help in deciding what I should focus on writing in the future. It also gives movie makers the chance think about sequels and franchises! (We can all dream …)

Please take a look around my author website. Check out my books.  Take something meaningful from them. Above all, please, enjoy them. And, please, review them. Become a John Quentin EARER: Enquire, Acquire, Read, Enjoy, Review.

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